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Exclusive Hajj and Umrah packages

Hajj and Umrah are two different Islamic obligations for able Muslims. To briefly define, Hajj is an annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca and a mandatory religious duty for Muslims that must be carried out at least once in their lifetime by all adult Muslims who are physically and financially able. Umrah is not mandatory but performing Umrah is a sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,

“The reward of Pilgrimage is Paradise and the compensation of any sin is Umrah.”

It is therefore Dar Al Eiman Travel Agency Limited’s pleasure to give honour to its customers as they embark on a journey of self-fulfillment. As one of the premier travel and tours agencies around, we are committed to offering the best, the most qualitative as well as the most affordable service to our esteemed customers. We endeavour to offer the best Umrah & Hajj packages to Nigerian Muslims in accordance with their requirements and specifications because we have well experienced, trained and skilful staff who offer excellent services at the lowest rates possible.

Our well-informed staff will completely guide you regarding your pilgrimage and Umrah package and all its inclusions, starting from visa arrangement till return tickets for your safe return to your home. It is worth mentioning here that it will be a more exciting Hajj year as a lot of tailored made package awaits all customers, both new and returning

Because of our affiliation with Dar Al Eiman Co, which is one of the most prominent companies in hotel management, hotel reservation, as well as Hajj and Umrah in Makkah and Medina, and also our partnership with the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Saudi Arabia, we are therefore primed and at the ready to meet all requirements needed to embark on pilgrimage. Ranging from visa obtainment to ticket bookings as well as hotel reservations and transport upon arrival.

Similarly, our partnerships with the finest hotel accommodations and airlines have provided us with hefty discounts which we forward to our valued customers. We have organised these discounted offers on various packages to suit the needs and budgets of our customers. From our wide selection of Hajj and Umrah packages, most of which are very flexible to allow for variation or allows for them to be customised, clients can select the one that suits them the most and embark on their journey without stress.

Our sound experience in the field of tourism and hospitality gives us the competence in arranging inexpensive Hajj & Umrah tours; with our experienced team that is available 24/7 to provide clients further Hajj & Umrah package details, customers can even book with us last minute and still enjoy our various discount and rebate packages. Our agents are always alert & ready to better assist and guide customers and provide not just bookings and reservations, but consultations on planning itineraries as well.

Some of the sites that will be toured within Makkah and Madina include:

In Madina

  • Masjid Quba
  • Uhad Mountain & Graves of Martyrs of Battle Uhad
  • Masjid-e-Qiblatain
  • Al-Haidery Dates Packing Factory
  • Place of Trench Battle

In Makkah

  • Arafaat Place
  • Mina
  • Muzdalefa
  • Al Haram
  • Mosque of Ayesha (R.A.)
  • Mountain Tour
  • Mountain Al Noor

Pamphlets and maps, as well as city rules and regulations, are included for navigating the cities with ease. Special arrangements for the elderly and/or kids can be made at customer’s convenience, as well as our arrangement with the Saudi Tourism Board which avails us the opportunity to procure a trip to the historic city of Taif outside of Makkah city for our nature loving guests. All of these are included in exclusive packages that are at affordable rates. Little wonder then, that at Dar Al Eiman Travel Agency Limited, our customers are made to feel proud, honoured, and confident to travel through us as they know that the services we offer are of International Standards with an economic incentive.

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